Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Power Trike | GTA 5 Online

A cool moto Tri-cycle

Got it as it came out.
A Bad ass grown man's tri-cycle
She's just pure Innocence 
Unaware of her power and Beauty
As you see,
She's Pure Gold and Something white
( I forgot all the details from the mod shop to all you spec junkies, sorry)
but she is..
an extreme furiousity and completely maxed out in upgrades.
will throw you off like a wild horse
fun but a hard ride..
good for losing cops and the competition.
But falling off comes with the power an nuff buss head..😁
On the flip reality, this would be fun to build.
but probably too exciting of a ride unless your changing times... 
staying in one space at top speeds can be a death sentence even at 30 mph with a contraption like this. 
at 60 your body may go jello, go higher and you may become a splash if you crash!
Double Traction with those big beautiful back wheels means the use of magical controls at top speeds.
(in San Andreas and Life)

A motorized contraption I have a strange found for
a little clip of some fun with it

Kinda reminds me of the New Hover Bike to come in the next Big GTA
Yea i kno.. i'm mad

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